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30℃ Hefei,58℃ iBeauty

Jun. 17, 2017

30℃ Hefei,58℃ iBeauty

Nowadays Hefei is coming into 30℃,what is the,matter?

It will be the Summer Solstice three days later.In this day,in the Northern Hemisphere,the longest day,the shortest night.From this day,coming into the hot season.Everything grows most vigorously at this time.So 30℃ is just the beginning.

In hot Summer,whether in office or in home,more and more people choose to stay in AC Room all day and think that this is the best way.However do you know how big damage you got?

iBeauty told ya,stay in AC Room,the less sweat you will perspire,naturally,the less detoxification in your body you will elminate,then unconscioisly causing your body in the state of sub-health.

"That is too scary,any other method to solve it?"

iBeauty told ya,yes,we have.Besides do not cost more time to do sports but bring you the same benefits.After bath,then enjoy a sauna,accompanying with listening music,reading the journal,or watch a film,for about 30 minutes,the temperature max can reach more than 58℃,so enough heats help you to perspire,then elminate the detoxification.No more time,no out,just indoor.Therefore still worry about sub-health you will be in?Is it portable?Is it useful?