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Sep. 01, 2017

September-A new journey

The opening ceremony has just ended, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the China International Chamber of Commerce Director Wu and others visit the iBeauty Khan steam spa equipment booth, a detailed understanding of the export of iBeauty Spa equipment, iBeauty actively participates in the international market development and acquisition Results to give affirmative, Wu said: "Chinese medicine sweating method is the first eight Chinese medicine therapy, and now people because of lack of exercise, overnutrition, work pressure, unhealthy lifestyle and other factors, resulting in the body,Can not be discharged from time to time. through traditional Chinese medicine Fumigation and sweating can be timely to remove the body of toxins, through the meridian, General is not pain! iBeauty Khan steam box to Chinese medicine fumigation and high-tech combination, I believe that must be great!


iBeauty, fulfill the mission, must be dedicated to Chinese medicine Khan steam health to carry forward, for the benefit of mankind!

In September, not only the children began to go to school, but also iBeauty is embarking on a new journey.