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The Growth Diary of iBeauty Sauna Family

Mar. 06, 2017

The Growth Diary of  iBeauty Sauna Family

To improve iBeauty Partner’s sevices,aiming at Sauna&Spa,this morning,we practice how to entertain our clients,everyone plays a different role.The whole process lasts nearly 100 minutes,devided into three group.Ok,we devide the stage order according the game”ROCK PAPER SCISSORS”

Case one:  Penny welcomes to Germany guests

For the first time to simulate the exercise,carefully to meet my customer-European buyer Stephen line,I hope that I can use my expertise to a good start.

After several greetings,knowing that they are a European Amzon Big Buyer,mainly focusing on HEALTH AND BEAUTY with annual sales of 15 millione euros.We take a breif introduction about our products,our advantages and hot-selling markets.But they seems to be more professional.There are several question,my answer is all just so so. During the whole process, I have mistakes,such as big price difference,unsatisfactory warranty terms and disadvantageous payment method.According to this practice,I will consolidate professional knowledge and enhance business skill,so that let iBeauty’s family enjoy “five star”.

Case two:  Elsa entertains Korean customers

My clients are from Korean.They are importers of HEALTH APPLIANCES.They have their own chain stores.Although the relationship between China and South Korea, I still serve them warmly.Majoring in Korean profession,it is so easy for me to handle them.

After asking them for several questions,knowing that they are interested in our iBeauty  supersonic bubble spa.Introduce breifly bubble spa ,analyse and compare the difference of SPA700C and SPA500.Due to inappropriate certificate and undesirable payment method,I did not strive for a favorable condition for the company.

Though this actual combat,I will strengthen the awareness of products quality and sevices,establish a better image for our company,let customers convice our work 

Competence,make iBeauty’s customers enjoy the greatest sevices.

Case three:  Lily settles Jingdong Buyers

Time goes fast,I am here for more than three years.In these big family,I learn to conduct ourselves,learn the net marketing,improve my professionalism.In these 1000 days when I began to be reponsible for national  trade,I contact many clients with different personalities.iBeauty origins from Germany.Meet,can really bring happiness?

By this breif communication,I know their purpose- can iBeauty saunas enrich their category.As the improvement of living standards and the enhancement of health awareness,health products are getting more and more popular.Countering the question of quality,package,delivery time and after-sales service,all I can give them a resonable answer.As to payment method and the price,my solution paly last,we dealed.

Brand practice is not by gorgeous rhetoric,not by creative gimmicks,not by spending a lot of money advertising,she demands us to practice our commitment to every iBeauty family in order to the dream of iBeauty.iBeauty stems from Germany Saunas&Bubble Spas.Meet is the happiness!