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iBeauty-Anhui Aging Health Industry Expo

Apr. 10, 2017

iBeauty-Anhui Aging Health Industry Expo

DATE:April 7th,2017-April 9th,2017


"What is this?"Uncle Song looked at it carefully and at the same time,others came here and watched it together.

After a while,Uncle Song asked Mrs Chen,then be told that this is a Steam Generator."How strange!",Uncle Song said.

This is a Foot Portable Sauna,Aunt Li with black coat used it before,and introduced it to others.

This girl,just being a mother,who wants to buy a sauna to use it for Postpartum lactation.As a new mom,she hopes her child to be healthy.

So busy days.Elsa is busy with showing the product to the client,Lily is engaged in introducing the good to them.

If you love her,you can give your goddness a sauna for a gift.