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Are you thinking twice every day?

Jun. 20, 2017

Are you thinking twice every day?

1. Today, expel detoxification it?

   High temperature and humidity, the body is too heavy moisture easily lead to heavy evil caused by disease, iBeauty Sauna Khan Steam Box, can improve the human microcirculation, to promote moisture emissions, but also can clear the body toxins, strengthen metabolism, accelerate the toxic Material decomposition and excretion.


2. Did you get tired today?

   Three days long, busy modern people have no time to take into account the movement, afraid of heat, then long stay in the air-conditioned room, the body increased the moisture. Not only he work of the pressure is big, thinking problems but also the consumption of brain cells. This will lead to physical and mental fatigue. iBeuty sauna Khan steam box, take less than one square meter of the space, at home can enjoy sauna. After work every day, take a bath, and then a 30 minutes of Khan steam, do not cost time,do not have to go out, can alleviate physical and mental fatigue, why not?

3. today beauty beauty it?

   Three days of strong sunshine, the skin affected by ultraviolet light easily accumulate melanin, long spot, aging. Through the Khan steam can improve skin, enhance skin elasticity, play beauty beauty, anti-aging effect.