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Daishan lake - AAAA scenic spot in anhui province

Jul. 08, 2017

    Daishan lake - AAAA scenic spot in anhui province

Daishan lake is located at the junction of feidong county and quanshu county, 57 kilometers from the city of hefei, only 96 kilometers from nanjing city, jiangsu province. Daishan lake is a subtropical climate, warm and humid, with an average annual temperature of 15.7 degrees Celsius.

The water surface has a wide and narrow range, and the lakeside has a harbor and a self-formed system. It has an ideal environment for carrying out various kinds of water projects, with more than 90 percent forest coverage in the lakeside mountains and more than 400 kinds of plants. Mount daishan lake is famous for its unique lake, the mountains are not high and the mountains are mountainous, the water is not very large, and the landscape is characterized by the scenery of daishan lake.

Daishan lake was a reservoir built by the local people after liberation, because it was far from the city, surrounded by rural fields, without any pollution, giving people a pure and natural affinity. Standing on the shore, I can see the clear waves rippling across the lake, and the peaks and slopes of the hills. The eastern part of the lake is open, the west winding, and the natural formation of numerous streams.

Daishan lake tourist resort area has been listed as key tourist scenic spot in hefei, hefei one hundred billion yuan of overall planning of the four base is one of the key tourism projects, provinces, cities and county tourism bureau key support new scenic spots, one of the key tourism projects, the national tourism administration for tourist area landscape blends, the environment pleasant, "natural oxygen bar", is regarded as a business card in hefei and the back garden.

The daishan lake resort is the only scenic spot in hefei district with good holiday conditions. The relative height of the area is 20 to 50 meters, the low hilly continuous, the slope is gentle. Most of the rock is the base rock, mostly basalt and heavy crystal. Only the western edge is the fourth area. The surrounding area of the lake area is divided into three parts: the west cold group, the upper and lower parts of the upper and lower strata. The upper part is gray, pale green quartz keratophyre; The central lithology is more miscellaneous, for gray, gray, dark red and other miscellaneous quartz keratophyre, fine biolite and more than 10 kinds of rocks.

Daishan lake of more than 9000 acres, year-round storage capacity of 19 million cubic meters, water area of 89.5 square kilometers, flow 26.1765 million cubic meters, the irrigation area of 67400 mu, absence of industrial and mining enterprises, only natural villages of 2 in the studied area, population 180 people, give priority to with agriculture. Daishan lake, with an average depth of 20 meters, is located in the waters of the west lake near lover valley and is 46 meters deep. The lake water of daishan lake is not polluted, and the sandy and natural water of the lake is filtered into the lake. The water is clear and the water quality is met by the water quality standards of the country.