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Fried Chicken and beer-iBeauty Sauna

Jan. 05, 2018

Fried Chicken and beer-iBeauty Sauna

What is the shape of the snow?

Many people may think it hexagon.

But the truth is: just as there are no two identical leaves in the world, there are no two identical snowflakes in this world. And there are too many beautiful snowflakes and too little funny snowflakes. To present an interesting snowflake, you will have to wait for the right time. 

People are the same. In this world, there are so many beautiful faces and too few interesting souls. But enough content and material to be backed up, I believe that the life of that time will be more emotional and interesting enough. 

In this flying snow season, iBeauty tells you, don't forget the steaming sauna while enjoying the snow, the feeling just as how can it be without fried chicken and beer in the snowy days.They are the same situation.