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How do iBeauty install Bubble Spa Massager?

May. 26, 2017

How do iBeauty install Bubble Spa Massager?


 Director of Technical Department Mr Chen,operates on-site.

 Masters of Production Department take the time to study in the meeting room. 


1.Take out all the components carefully and place the main machine away from bathtub at least 80cm to avoid splashing water;

2.Lock the hose with machine  in anti-clock direction tightly and plug the other end into the connector of bath mat and ensure the hose straight to avoid air output.

3.Discharge the suitable temperature water into your bathtub to avoid hurt.

4.Put the anti-slip massage mat on the bottom of bathtub and well sucked.

5.Plug the cord into backside of  machine and connect the other plug with power outlet tightly.

6.Use remote control or push the ON/OFF button to start the machine then enjoy the spa.

7.The bubble strength can be adjusted in three levels HIGH/MED/LOW.

8.Heating function to blow out warm air and make you feel comfortable.

9.After using,please pull out the plug,clean the mat and hose and then storage them under cool and dry place.

10.Control panel and remote controller included.