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iBeauty on the road to R&D by OSELL

May. 24, 2017

iBeauty on the road to R&D by OSELL

Today it is rainy in the sky.There are stoping business cars from OSELL,Hefei TV Station in the High-tech zone industrial park.OSELL Mr Yang,director of Cai,Manager Chen and Hefei TV Station's many friends come to iBeauty Sauna and Spa in spite of the rain to go on the cross-border electricity column of the interview.

Zhang Zhihua,who is the originator of iBeauty Sauna and Spa equipment communicate with Mr Yang about the opening of OSELL Poland Marketing.Considering middle and small-sized enterprises in Poland,Mr Zhang put forward the way of market opening.

Mr Yang said:"iBeauty Sauna choose to start a cooperation with OSELL,firstly express thanks and trust,our OSELL devote themselves to land groud of middle and small-sized cross-border e-commence and offer a series of clearance,settlement of exchange,drawback,oversea location and financing service,we must try our best to let traditional Chinese products throughout thousands of households in Poland " 

Middle and small-sized enterprise only by boat to go to sea,huddle together for warmth,they can make MADE IN CHINA to roam the world,make the world love MADE IN ANHUI.iBeauty,originating from Germany sauna and spa.This will be more splendid all the way!