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iBeauty and the fourth industrial revolution

Jun. 28, 2017

iBeauty and the fourth industrial revolution

The so-called "four industrial revolution", divided the first "steam revolution" ,the second  "electrical revolution ','the third"information revolution" , the fourth 'industrial revolution',now use the word called" physical information fusion ", is mainly about the" Internet plus ", which the content is big data, cloud computing, intelligent robots and 3D printing technology and so on, and thus set off a new wave of surging wave of innovation."

So what did the prime minister say about the new revolution in science and technology? How did iBeauty do it?

1, seize the initiative

Big data and other new generation of Internet technology profoundly changed the world, but also for countries to stand on the same line of revolution in science and technology. China has repeatedly missed the world scientific and technological revolution, and today we should seize this historical opportunity, seize the initiative and win the future. iBeauty also does not fall behind, seize the opportunity, seize the opportunity, step by step to achieve their own small goals.

2, institutional innovation

Can not always buy equipment, buy reagents when you want to spend money, in fact, people's intelligence is the greatest value, and must pay the corresponding remuneration to scientific research personnel! We must make great efforts to innovate the system and mechanism so as to fully mobilize the initiative of "people" and push forward "scientific and technological innovation" through "system innovation"! iBeauty's mission is "Reliable, innovative, responsible, Thanksgiving."".

3 "2025 Made in China" and "Internet plus" combination

If you don't embrace the Internet, you won't be able to catch up with the new industrial revolution. Some developed countries have made active exploration in this area, not only through the Internet and market demand docking, but also encountered technical difficulties, but also widely collect the global solution through the internet. So, we must take the "2025 Made in China" and "Internet plus" stand out. iBeauty since its establishment in 2006, has opened a Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, 1688, Alibaba,  aliexpress as a B2B or B2C platform, tightly "Chinese" combined with "Internet +".

4, develop new technologies, new formats and new models

Will artificial intelligence and the mass development of robots lead to unemployment? This is indeed a problem, in some industries, some areas have occurred. But we found that a new round of industrial revolution by Internet plus, through the "double", it brings like online shopping, courier, bike sharing and other new technologies, new formats to create jobs, far more than replaced by robots work and jobs...... Through the development of new technologies, new formats, new models, will almost everyone's personality to play a great role...... The wealth we create and the jobs we gain will be far greater than the ones we have lost. We emmerly through the Internet +, through "double",iBeauty brings 'iBeauty sharing'.