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R&D-iBeauty brings the latest report for you

May. 18, 2017

R&D-iBeauty brings the latest report for you

Theme:2017 R&D Traditional Summit Forum

Date:May 14th,2017


This time there are more than seventy minister from more than fifty countries who attended this forum.They witnessed the trade increase of R&D along the country.They hope that further deepen the cooperation along the country

In the future R&D makes us look forward to:

Georgia has become a new free trade partner-George khalia says:

On the one hand,R&D can raise the volume of trade between countries,on the other hand,we wish that free trade agreement can help to sevice the  trade of countries' economy such as European Union and Turkey.

Except item trade,capacity cooperation is also an important engine to promote trade growth.And Capacity cooperation among countries is increasingly becoming the best embodiment of sharing and sharing.

Pakistan Khurram shows:

Originally The China economic corridor brings benefits to the people of Pakistan,slowly they also bring profit to Chinese.This is a win-win issue.

As the presenter of R&D sponsoring-Xi Dada expresses:

The road of R&D will be a peaceful road,pursuit win-win cooperation,respect for the path of national development,respect the core interest.

As the exporter&manufacturer,iBeauty is contributing his part:We attend  the fair in Kazakhstan in 2014 ,this will further promote the trade cooperation between China and Kazakhstan.And also attend the fair of Turkey.

People is always great for dream:

These days,Xi Dada is busy with R&D,the dream of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a step further;

These days,Mr Zhang is busy with iBeauty-let world love "Made in Anhui".