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iBeauty bubble spa bath-the general trend

Jul. 22, 2017

iBeauty bubble spa bath-the general trend

"SPA" is the short of the Latin "sanitas per aquam" – health thanks to water or health via water.

For centuries now people have recognized and been using the beneficial and medical powers of warm water.

iBeauty BUBBLE SPA with hydro massage are the source of great relaxation and leisure. This could be either a home oasis, rehabilitation centre, the place for regeneration and rest.

Hydrotherapy is the effect of connection of few factors: water displacement, massage and heat. Water displacement decreases body weight by about 90% therefore the muscle and joint pressure is lowered. There is also the fact of massage which is carried out by mat, the operations of which decreases joint pressure, relaxes the nervous system and helps out the cardiovascular system. Warm water widens red blood vessels thanks to which fact blood flow through damaged cells or tired muscles is increased, supplementing them with oxygen and with nutritious substances thanks to which muscles often used get back into shape quicker.

Home SPA is a proposal for those who do not have the time to visit SPA houses or do not have the time for a longer stay at a special facility. This could be the supplementation of the everyday sports activity for those who value healthy life style.