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iBeauty Hydromassage Ozone Bubble Spa Massage

Jul. 25, 2017

iBeauty Hydromassage Ozone Bubble Spa Massage

A hydromassage ozone bubble spa massage is relaxation, prevention and therapy. Care and attention to body and soul has become a requirement of the present. There are many companies that promote the idea of hydrotherapy and perfecting its technology with the development of habits, needs and desires. 

Our company in accordance with its mission, supported by many years of experience recommend the original solution for the proper mixing of water from the air to restore the body to the forces of life which, in accordance with the laws of nature give it balance and energy. The result is therapeutic and aesthetic effects, total relaxation and beautiful look.

Salutary effect of water

iBeauty Bubble Spa Bath SPA750 with hydromassage have a salutary effect on our mind and mood. During the relaxation produced by the body endorphins decrease feelings of pain, which allows for total relaxation and improve mood.


It is used widely during rehabilitation. Its soothing effect on the body especially appreciate the athletes after heavy training or other sports struggle. Strong massage in warm water before bedtime helps to calm down, what is the basis of good sleep.