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iBeauty introduce Paper-cut to you

Dec. 22, 2017

iBeauty introduct Paper-cut to you

Folk paper-cut is good at combining a variety of objects, and produce the desired good results. Regardless of one or more image combinations, they all are "symbolized by meaning" and "conformational" rather than stylized according to objective natural forms. In the meantime, they are also good at creating a variety of mascots by using the technique of " Combine conventions with images to express one's own psychology. The pursuit of goodwill metaphor becomes one of the ultimate goals of image combination. Regional closure and cultural limitations, as well as natural disasters and other adversities intrusion, inspire people's thirst for a happy life. People pray for ample food and clothing, flourishing people, health and longevity, all the best, this simple wish is conveyed by paper-cutting.

Folk paper-cut "deer crane with spring" is the theme of traditional folk patterns. According to records, Crane that "Xuan Bird", Hyun Bird is "migratory birds" collectively. Deer in folk culture is called "beast", crane called "migratory birds", deer crane with spring is a symbol of spring and life. Folk deer and Lu Tongyin, crane is also regarded as a longevity bird, so deer and crane together have the meaning of philanthropy and longevity. In the relatively low productivity of civil society, human labor has become a guarantee of survival, and getting rid of the suffering of illness and death is the eternal ideal of people. Folk paper-cut in various forms to express the desire for life, protect life, praise life, express the joy of life, worship of life as people's religious beliefs. "Hawk riding rabbit" is one of the happy flowers of the private bridal chamber, is also a traditional pattern, widely circulated in the folk. Eagle Yu "Yang", with chickens, birds, crows the same. In the folk deification called the sun as "three-footed", folk call the sun as "crow." Rabbit implies "Yin" civil said the month for the rabbit. Eagle stepped rabbit metaphor for the love of men and women, reflecting the theme of reproductive worship. Common paper-cut flowers in the folk, hi flowers are metaphorical way to express the proliferation of life and worship of the pursuit. "Buckle bowl" "grabbing doll" "fish ancestral lotus" as the theme of paper-cut works abound.

In the folk paper-cut there are many pictures of production and life, these works have one of the biggest similarities, is the main exaggeration, big fish, big peppers, big silkworms, large grains, etc., through the paper-cut, people To foster a beautiful image; to comfort their own souls, to show people the great creativity of conquering nature in order to establish their own ideal world, and affirming the power of man and encouraging people to continue the courage to struggle.