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iBeauty Khan Portable Sauna

Jul. 18, 2017

iBeauty Khan Portable Sauna 

Ten amazing benefits about sweating! Quietly put the air conditioning off ... At the same time, I opened the iBeauty Khan Steam pattern

Dog days, many people can not wait every day to hide in the "air-conditioned room", which led to the sweating season, you can not get sweat! And even some people, go out with anti-perspiration and other products coated to prevent sweat clothes wet.

In fact, these practices, completely contrary to the physiological laws of the human body, spend their minds so that they do not sweat the health law is wrong.


Sweating less, cold, arthritis, insomnia will find you, the incidence of hypertension and other chronic diseases is doubled. Three days of sweating, is the most healthy.

Sweating is the best detoxification anti-cancer method, so that you may not believe it. Research data show that sweat is the body of arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and other harmful substances in one of the ways, in the sweat can be detected with the urine concentration of heavy metal components, and sometimes even higher than the concentration of urine.

For example, marathon athletes have little cancer, because their body of lead, mercury, arsenic, the main culprit of these cancer out of the sweat came out. A marathon runner in the running, the sweat of lead is 20 times the normal person. We light water detoxification is not enough, we can see sweating for the toxins, cancer prevention is very helpful.

2, moisturizing skin care

Sweat can remove the toxins that clog the pores, eliminate acne and acne on the skin. Many people often take acne, face, back, etc., which is due to the skin pores are not clean, blocking the pores caused.

Summer as much exercise, out of some sweat, you will immediately feel the skin becomes tight and delicate, shiny, acne will be reduced.

3, weight loss, anti-slow disease

Sweating can consume excess body energy, help to promote the decomposition of fat, have a certain weight loss. The body, the blood vessels less fat, natural high blood pressure, high blood lipids and other chronic diseases and heart failure disease will be reduced, improved.

The summer itself will be more active cells, this time to strengthen the movement, scientific perspiration, the effect is usually several times, more conducive to weight loss, improve physical condition, prevention of "three high" and other chronic diseases.

4, to improve immunity

The best way is through scientific sweating. The study found that sweat contains antimicrobial peptides, can effectively resist the virus, bacteria and fungi; sweating can effectively enhance their immunity, improve the ability of antibacterial and antiviral.

For example, exercise 30-45 minutes a day, the body slightly sweat. 5 days a week, long-term adherence, immunity will be enhanced.

5, to promote digestion

Summer is often no appetite, not digestion, then promote the best means of digestion is sweating through exercise. Because sweating will speed up the metabolism of the entire body, help intestinal peristalsis, improve digestion.

Especially for people with constipation, sweating through exercise, to relieve constipation is also very helpful.

6, enhance memory

Sweating also allows the body cells in a strong state, to maintain the spirit of concentration, enhance memory, so that the brain more dynamic.

In addition there are studies confirmed that the movement of sweating on the brain will have a positive effect, make people's memory, concentration can be greatly improved.

7, stable blood pressure

Exercise sweating, help to expand the capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, increase the vascular wall elasticity, so as to achieve the purpose of lowering blood pressure.

At the same time, exercise sweating speeds up the circulation of blood and helps the digestive system and nervous system regulate. Therefore, the prevention of hypertension in addition to diet control, sweating is the best way to recuperate.

8, to protect the bones

We all know that many people are prone to osteoporosis in their old age because of the loss of calcium in the body. So how to effectively prevent the loss of calcium it?

A simple and effective way is to exercise sweating. Sweating is conducive to the effective retention of calcium to prevent the body's calcium with the urine, to prevent osteoporosis.

9, to prevent stones

The formation of stones, mainly in the body of magnesium phosphate and other inorganic salts in the body crystal deposition formation. And sweating can effectively excrete the body of salt, and retain the calcium in the bones.

This physiological process can limit the accumulation of salt and calcium in the kidneys and urine, which is the source of stones. It is no coincidence that people who sweat more will drink more water and thus prevent the formation of stones.

10, to prevent colds

Sweating, in fact, helps to resist tuberculosis and other dangerous pathogens. Sweat contains antimicrobial peptides, can effectively resist the virus, bacteria and fungi; it can enter the bacterial cell membrane, its decomposition.

In 2013 published in the "National Academy of Sciences" on the research results show that: skin off the protein, can be very effective against tuberculosis and other bacteria. This natural substance is more effective than antibiotics, such as natural antibiotics, can be naturally activated in slightly acidic sweat.

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