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iBeauty-Let the world love iBeauty

Oct. 25, 2017

iBeauty-Let world love iBeauty

For a long time, "made in Japan" represented the best of Asian manufacturing, rivaling those in Europe and the us, and selling the toilet seats better than others.

Recently, however, the "steel fabrication gate" has caused a stir in the world. Kobe steel ranks third in Japan's steel industry, ranking the world's top 500. It is such a glittering enterprise that admits its own data falsification, and the problem product is involved in 200 enterprises.

The United States has the industrial Internet, Germany has the industry 4.0, China has made in China 2025, you?

Brand building depends on quality, also need craftsmanship spirit, the operation of the enterprise if detached from the user's demand, even if you are noble, very international, god is still indifferent to you.

As small micro enterprise focus sweat evaporate spa equipment custom emmerly, cannot because "god steel" is not god, and ignore the gap and small Japan, arrogance, the enemy and know yourself, master the skills of the barbarians to is the path, only insist on "self-knowledge and nobody see, it was supposed to day" integrity, can we truly could "let the world love emmerly!"

IBeauty, from the German spa, only progress, not stop!