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iBeauty makes a commentation for love story

May. 19, 2017

iBeauty makes a commentation for love story

Once there is a sincere love in front of me,I did not cherish.If god gives me another chance,I would like to say to her:"I love you".If you must let me add a deadline,I hope this will be ten thousand year.       


It will be 520 soon,if you have a right person in your heart,who have already accompanyed with you to go many places and still is with you to go ahead.

Karwai Wong says:"I have never tried to be close to one person for a long time,although I know this road if not very far,I know soon I will get off the bus,I feel this one minute makes me feel very warm"。

Jay Chou shows:"I want to take you to take bicycle,watch baseball with you,and sing the songs to go straight ahead without anxiety".

Love,sometimes a little complex,and sometimes a little easy.

Love is to walk to a long street.

Love is to sing a few love songs.

Love is to bask in the sun.

If you love her,you can regard iBeauty Sauna as a gift to give her.