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iBeauty Sauna-eternal companion

Jun. 06, 2017

iBeauty Sauna-eternal companion

Now it is the rainy season, everywhere is continuing. Sometimes Sunny,sometimes Rainy,usually.Hot weather,heavy moisture, a lot of family clothes, furniture will be moldy at this time, so many people also dubbed the "mold". But for people with poor body, this season is indeed "moldy" season, because there will always be a variety of illness at this time, seriously affect their health.

There are illness as follows:


Many people know that rheumatism is mainly caused by changes in the weather, and the rainy season, for patients with arthritis, the original affected area is very sensitive to changes in the weather, so in this season is very Easy to induce rheumatism, joint Department of abnormal pain. This will cause a bid impact on its body and daily life.

2.Cardiovascular diseases

As in the current rainy season, the outside will always rain, long-term rainy weather caused by heavy air humidity, for the heart is not very good crowd, it is not a good season. Because in this period, due to high humidity caused by low pressure, the heart will be very uncomfortable, and the continued this weather is easy to make these people blood pressure, the corresponding cardiovascular will shrink, so it will cause myocardial infarction, heart disease Cardiovascular disease, serious and even life-threatening! disease

Now because of the high humidity,the most active bacteria in the body, There are many bacteria glowing on the skin, for people with more sensitive skin, this time will be very easy to induce skin disease. In the rainy days can eat more spleen damp food. In fact, patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction should pay special attention to diet, eat more digestible and absorbent food, such as porridge, vegetables and soy products, try to avoid difficult to digest the cold food, meat and greasy food.There are many food, such as yam, lentils, red beans, Coix Seed, etc., we can eat properly.

Last but not least,stick on using iBeauty Sauna,can relief pain,can remove moisture.And using iBeauty Babble Spa Bath with special ozone to remove bacteria,then let you apart from skin disease.