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iBeauty Sauna Weather

Jun. 03, 2017

iBeauty Sauna Weather

The dog days of summer are almost here. This is the hottest time of the year. 

This kind of "sauna weather" is going to last about 30 days; from the middle of July towards the middle of August.

You have to drink water often and not go outside as much. Except drinking water,diet is also important.

According to Chinese Medicine,Summer is wet,suitable to eat light taste food to add energy.Besides,people in Summer like drinking cold drink,causing moisture to invade the human body,this is bad for our spleen.So we need to eat some sweet food.Last but not least,suggested to eat some acid food such as Plums, peaches, olives, pineapples, celery.

In terms of cooking,cold or fried is the best,keeping more and more nutrition asap.Then coupling with suitable Vinegar, sauce, onions, ginger, garlic and mustard,can improve Appetite and digestion,Antibacterial, lipid-lowering, blood pressure adjusting.