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iBeauty-the cash to disappear?

Jun. 24, 2017

iBeauty-the cash to disappear?



If five years ago, someone told you that the cash to disappear, the printing of the plant to be vigilant, and perhaps everyone felt nonsense. But today?


If today, someone told you that the phone is almost gone, you may feel simply in the nonsense. But Jack Ma has begun to let the phone from the payment scene disappeared.


Three years ago, Alipay released the "empty pay" video, home pet, body tattoo, our face can be bound, set the amount of the upper limit, sweep them will be able to pay.


At that time everyone thought it was just fool's Day ridicule, and today our car suddenly became Alipay, license plate into a payment code. We go to the hospital, and only need to bind in advance, the phone can be automatically be deducted at home.


Nowadays is such an era: No business can do, no work can play, a new era of seamless drilling:


The so-called no business can do, the most direct is the "difference" , we are directly connected with the factory,strong logistics, factory reproduction, no stock, no brokers.

Us iBeauty are Manufacturer&Exporter,we are still competitive in the future. iBeauty future customers are also in transition, from b2b suddenly step by step to b2c.


The so-called no work can play, the future of the world also need human work? Foxconn has a large number of factories put on the robot, Liu Qiangdong even started with the robot to delivery. What the business needs our wisdom and reflection. iBeauty corporate culture: reliable, innovation, undertake, thanksgiving. Then the innovation requires us iBeauty family wisdom and thinking.


The so-called seamless drilling, credit era, the eradication of the unfair, eliminate the hidden rules. Block chain, so that all more open, transparent, not tamper with. Where do you go? iBeauty company control is also more open, transparent, all with data to speak.


How fast is future are changing?When you are still amazing mobile phone payment to bring the change,Jack Ma has already started to pay off the phone; when you are still suprised by the production of b2b by the middle of the difference between the thrill of the price, iBeauty has already started b2c directly with the end customer transactions.