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into the volt

Jul. 12, 2017

Into the volt

Into the volt, meaning into the dog days. "Summer solstice three head number of volts", which is based on the establishment of early volts. As the G on the change, so the date of the year into the volts are not the same, 2017 from July 12, that is, today, into the volts.

The same time as the above-

Today is the first day of "into the volts", the people often say: hot in the three, cold in the 39, into the amb meaning that is about to enter the hottest period of the year. V, is the meaning of summer. From the beginning of the summer solstice, the day began to change the night began to grow longer, the middle of the hot lurking cold factors, was named "volts" is very scientific.

Volts, divided into the initial volts, in the volt, the end of volts, called the three volts. The initial volts fixed for 10 days, in the years of 10 years, some years 20 days, so there are some years of V days 30 days, some 40 days difference. 2017 from July 12 into the volts, in the volts from July 22 start, August 10 end, in the volts 20 days, a total of 40 days of Tu Dayton, August 21 out of the volt.

Three of the year is the hottest period of the year, this is because the night long days long, the sun close to direct. Summer solstice is not the hottest time, because when the ground to absorb the heat at night and distributed a large part. However, more than a day of heat, less heat, accumulated day by day hot, about 20 days to another three months, the weather on the hottest.

Head to eat dumplings is a traditional custom, because every futian, people's appetite is not good, can not eat things, and dumplings in the traditional Chinese customs is appetizing greedy food. Fu day to eat noodles, the north has a slang, called "head dumplings two noodles, three pound pancake eggs."

Winter for the yin, summer for the sun, the sun for the sun and sour season, it is the body yangqi when the hair, the human yang, in the summer there is desire to rise to the trend, the body cold gas in the easy solution status. Dog days, people a little labor or exercise, a lot of sweating, and then have a strong sense of thirst. Therefore, the water will become the heaviest weight of the heavens.

Hot summer heat, people like cold drink, drink plenty of water, leading to moisture into the human body, and outside the wet inside, so that the water solid spleen, causing spleen and stomach movements, it is difficult to digest the digestive function, causing loss of appetite and so on. And bitter food with diarrhea function, should not eat, so the daily diet should be appropriate to eat Gan Liang or Gan Han is appropriate. And, summer heart, and the heart is cool, suitable for acid, so the summer should be appropriate to eat some of the food of the acid. Such as: pineapple, watermelon and so on.

Summer not only bring us physical discomfort, but also easily lead to more and more people angry rise, showing emotional irritability, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, these symptoms in medicine called "summer emotional disorder." Therefore, "to fire" is also a summer tonic essential homework. Summer heat cured food, a good choice: bitter gourd, tomato and other cool, refreshing fruits and vegetables, at the same time, milk slightly cold, can replenish, Ziyin, heat poison, but also "to fire" good products. Duck is the recipe for the summer.

"Winter disease summer rule" is a traditional Chinese medicine prevention and treatment of a distinctive method of important, three days of foreign drug application method is the mother of thousands of years of traditional effective treatment. Winter disease summer treatment in addition to the three mo paste, there are three days of days acupuncture moxibustion, three days of cupping, acupuncture points, ginger moxibustion, moxibustion and so on.

Asthma is a topic that people always need to repeat. Open air workers and the elderly, babies, the patient is the most need to pay attention to heatstroke. In fact, as long as attention to take measures, heat is completely avoidable. Drink plenty of water, mung bean soup, eat more light food, ground bathing, changing clothes, to protect the full sleep, go out to take sun protection measures, activities should not be excessive, to avoid the activities of noon, pay attention to work and rest, to avoid fatigue driving.

Today into the volts, heat struck, the sun head, heat like fire. I wish friends a happy holiday, every day to maintain a good mood.