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New insight of iBeauty

Jun. 16, 2017

New insight of iBeauty

What is Sauna?

Sauna is not only a way of relax,but also a mothod of socialization.Enjoying sauna can accelerate blood circulation,remove fatigue and relieve stress,burn calories and so on.

Any problem?

1)Are you factory?

Yes,we are professional manufacturer of sauna and spa since 2006.

2)Is it safe?

Of course,this is just like common home appliances.We have CE,ROHS and so on.

3)Are you worried about sauna’s quality?

We can give you the detailed picture before delivery,just for you to confirm,so be rest assured.

4)If I want a new design,can I get it?

Of course,you can.iBeauty accepts OEM.