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SPA must get three,iBeauty got it!!!

Jul. 04, 2017

SPA must get three,iBeauty got it!!!


1. Be sure to have water,iBeauty got it!

No water can not do SPA, and must be living water, such as hot spring water. If you set up SPA beauty salons do not have this condition, but also in the bathtub by adding some minerals, so that close to the chemical composition of hot spring water.

2. Must have decompression care,iBeauty got it!

Modern work emotional pressure is very large, decompression care, such as aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage massage can make SPA customers feel relieved, from the physical to the psychological are relaxed many.

3. Must have a "five senses" situation,iBeauty got it!

SPA is through the body's five sensory functions: hearing, taste, touch, smell, vision, to achieve a body, mind are comfortable feeling. among them:

Hearing - music with curative effect

Smell - the incense of natural flowers

Visual - comfortable landscape

Taste - the provision of healthy dining

Touch - massage, skin care

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