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Township 's Campaign-iBeauty

Jul. 11, 2017

Township 's Campaign-iBeauty 

The former site of the Battle of the river is located in Feidong County, Anhui Province. It is located in Huainan Railway and Hema Highway, north of State Road 312, west of Hefei, located in Feidong County and Hefei City, the outskirts of the junction of Yao Village.

The former site of the Battle of the river is the former site of the Qing Dynasty, covers an area of nearly 80,000 square meters, construction area of 3000 square meters, there are the former Qianqian site, the Central Committee of the East China Central Bureau, the former staff of the former office, Commission to the site, the former Senate Secretariat site and the former Senate Logistics Department, the security camp, the General Hospital, shelter, pier and other sites.

In 1996, the former site of the battle of the river was a revolutionary site and a revolutionary memorial building was listed by the State Council as the fourth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

In December 2016, crossing the battle of the former Senate site selected "national red tourist attractions scenic spots".

The former front office

The former front of the former site was the end of the Qing Dynasty Wu Pin Dai Dai in the book title too students Wang Jingxian house, three into the four cars two courtyard. House door grid fan, floor room, Diaolianghuadong, simple and elegant. A room for the East room for Chen Yi bedroom, the West is a member of the East China Affairs Bureau Standing Committee, Propaganda Minister, Military District Director Shu Shu's bedroom, the most western one is Liu Bocheng's bedroom, both sides of the room is the guard room. The entrance hall is the general committee meeting room. Hanging on the front screen Mao Zedong, Zhu De portrait. On the eve of the north side of the exhibition is on the eve of the battle of the river, Deng Xiaoping presided over the convening of a General Committee, East China Bureau to expand the meeting, the deployment of cross-river combat missions and take over the Jiangnan New District and the work of the meeting minutes material.

The former secretary of the former secretary Deng Xiaoping's bedroom in the east, the interior of the original display of the shelf bed and a Western-style desk, as well as Deng Xiaoping used a kerosene lamp. This lamp is Deng Xiaoping left Yao Gang gave the landlord. "Cultural Revolution", the landlord's offspring donated out, this lamp to re-meet with the tourists.

Tan Zhenlin through the sandals (national level cultural relics)

The former memorial hall as a historical witness, revolutionary sacred, has become the Nanjing Military Region and Anhui University, Hefei Artillery Academy and other dozens of institutions of the revolutionary tradition and patriotism education base.

Collection of cultural relics

Collection of cultural relics nearly a thousand pieces, including a revolutionary cultural relics 6. Chen Yi Marshal code-named "501" dedicated telephone, Tan Zhenlin through the cloth cotton thread woven sandals; Wang De general in the former Senate use of confidential documents box, and Deng Xiaoping used horse lamp, Su Yu used kettle, Zhong Yuxiang generals used Of the telescope, cloth and footwear and so on.

Xu Xiangqian Marshal inscription (national level cultural relics)

In the battle of the river front of the former memorial hall "painting and calligraphy hall" white walls, Zhang hanging two inscriptions: one is Xu forward, his inscription is: "Huaihai battle and crossing the battle of the victory for the national liberation Lay the foundation, Xu Xiangqian March 1988 ", another is Nie Rongzhen, his inscription is:" the victory of the great battle of the river to speed up the liberation of the whole of China, is worth remembering forever! Nie Rongzhen eight eight four seven ", These two valuable inscriptions are national level cultural relics.

In the Yao Gang crossing the battle before the former front of the former site of the "crossing the battle of the former Senate site memorial hall," a few characters, for the year had come to Yau Gang, one of the river battle commander, calligraphy master Shu in September 1986 inscribed The Memorial Hall in kind, picture (table) more than 700 pieces, as well as generals inscription, painting and calligraphy works 108, party and government leaders 36 inscriptions.