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What is SPA?

Jul. 03, 2017

What is SPA?


Today we will introduce the origination of SPA.


SPA is derived from the Latin word "Salus Per Aquam" (Health by water), Salus (Health), Per (in), Aquam (water), meaning water to achieve health, this is the healthy water. SPA refers to the use of water combined with bathing, massage, apply care products and aroma to promote metabolism, to meet the human body vision, taste, touch, smell and thinking to achieve a kind of physical and mental enjoyment. SPA is a professional beauty therapist, water, light, aromatic oil, music and other elements of the combination of relief from decompression, can help people reach the body, heart, spirit of the bodybuilding effect. In SPA philosophy, water plays the most important role. Water can soothe or activate physical activity that can relax or stimulate its activity.


In the philosophy of iBeauty Bubble Bath Spa machine, spa = exercise, exercise = detoxification, detoxification = health. At the same time iBeauty firmly believes that "the spa make people enjoy fun, interesting, is the best way of modern health management." iBeauty SPA bubble ultrasonic spa machine -the secret of ten years younger.


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